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Book Review of a new catalogue of the work of Dutch 17th C artist Hercules Segers. Click on the .pdf to the right. 

Essay on Albrecht Dürer and Engraving from Art in Print, September 2017

Essay on Collecting from Art in Print, June 2017 

Book Review of Lionel Feininger Woodcuts, December 2015

Essay on Peter Milton 

Essay on Jacob Lawrence's Migration Series at the Museum of Modern Art

Essay on Goya's Disasters of War

Essay on Negative Capability 
Essay on Art and Suffering
Essay on How to Visit a Museum
Essay on Making Perfect
Essay on Experiences We Don't Experience
Essay on Why We Can't Really Learn Art from a How-To Book 
Essay on Success
Essay on How Not to Build a Boat
Essay on The Ground Glass
Essay on Failing, Again
Essay on The Still Image
Essay on Assembling a Chair
Essay on Walter White's Happiness
Essay on Art and Everything
Essay on Don't Believe Everything You Think
Essay on What Can't Be Said About a Work of Art
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