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Ordering Bridge Press Books and Cards

Please contact Taryn Fisher to arrange purchase of books and cards.

  • Brian D. Cohen: Retrospective

  • Bestiary: A Book of Animal Poems & Prints

  • Beethoven Heads: Variations on Variations

  • Hospital Drawings

  • Emblems

  • The Bird Book

  • Cards

Brian D. Cohen: Retrospective

Brian D. Cohen: Retrospective surveys the artist's 35 years as a printmaker and painter, reproducing about 200 selected prints and paintings, with essays by the artist, Helen Whybrow, Deborah Lee Luskin, and an interview with Dr. Sura Levine, Professor Emerita of Art History at Hampshire College. 

The book, 9.5” vertical x 10.6” horizontal, is available in either a signed, limited edition hardbound edition
($75 plus shipping) or softbound edition ($55 plus shipping). It was designed by Irene Stapleford and printed in Barcelona, Spain, by fine art printers SYL L'Art Gràfic.

Contact Taryn Fisher to pre-order your Retrospective book (please specify hardbound or paperbound).

Bestiary: A Book of Animal Poems and Prints

Brian D. Cohen and his close friend and longtime collaborator, Chard deNiord, former Poet Laureate of the State of Vermont, have published a collaborative book project comprising over thirty poems and prints about a range of animals. The collaboration captures the integrity of the animals' wildness, beauty, and beatitude with the awareness that every creature in some unique, inimitable way is stranger and more mysterious than what we could ever imagine.


Carolyn Forché has written a foreword to the book. Bestiary was designed by Marjorie Merena and printed by Villanti Press of Milton, Vermont in an edition of 500 signed and numbered hardbound copies. The book is 7 ½” vertical x 10" horizontal, and is available for $55 plus shipping & handling.


Contact Taryn Fisher to order your Bestiary book (hardbound only).

The Beethoven Heads: Variations on Variations

The Beethoven Heads: Variations on Variations is a celebration of the 250th anniversary of the birth of Ludwig van Beethoven. The book reproduces 15 drawings of Beethoven by Brian D. Cohen, along with an essay by the artist about the challenges of depicting Beethoven’s image.


The book is 35 pages and measures 6 x 6". It was designed by the artist in May of 2022, printed by Mixbook Photo Co., and is available for $30 plus shipping. 

Contact Taryn Fisher to purchase your Beethoven Heads book.




Emblems is a 40-page booklet of 25 images by artist Brian D. Cohen accompanied by essays by poet Chard deNiord, by Renaissance scholar Nancy Eddy, and by the artist. The etchings are reproduced at original size in high-resolution duotone by Puritan Press.


The edition was a finalist for the Eric Hoffer Award for small presses, and is limited to 200 copies, signed by the artist. $35 plus shipping.

Contact Taryn Fisher to purchase your Emblems book.

Hospital Drawings

In 2020 Brian was hospitalized for 100 days, or more than a quarter of the year. He spent many hours of these days in his chair drawing, starting with death masks, moving on to self-portraits, then copying heads from the paintings and drawings of the artists he has admired throughout his life; Rembrandt, Velasquez, Manet, Kollwitz, Cézanne, Hopper, Rivera -- portraits of their friends, family, neighbors, and their sitters, and their own faces. The book measures 6 x 6" and comprises 48 pages, including a brief essay by the artist. The text is set in Mrs Eaves, a variant of Baskerville designed by Zuzana Licko in 1996. The book was designed by the artist with Mixbook software and printed by Mixbook Photo Co.


Hospital Drawings is limited to 100 copies signed by the artist. $40 plus shipping. 

Contact Taryn Fisher to purchase your Hospital Drawings book.


The Bird Book

The Bird Book is a children's alphabet book by artist and educator, Brian D. Cohen, with rhyming couplets written by Holiday Eames. Created for their son, David, each letter of the alphabet in both uppercase and lowercase, corresponds to the bird illustrated on each page. Originally hand-colored and printed letterpress, only 26 copies were made. Now gathered in book form for the first time, printed in four colors on beautiful recycled paper, these stunning prints will also appeal to adults interested in art books, small press books, printmaking, and birds. $19.95 plus shipping.

Buy your copy here.


25 cards from Brian D. Cohen's etchings based on the Renaissance emblem book, presenting familiar elements and objects in association with Latin aphorisms with English translation placed beneath each image. Each card is 7 x 5 inches overall, printed in high-resolution duotone on Mohawk Superfine Text by Puritan Capital, the foremost printer of art and photography monographs and catalogs in this country. The inner panels of the card are blank, and the back panel describes the project. 

$20 for a set of 5 cards (based on availability) plus shipping.

Contact Taryn Fisher to purchase Cards.

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